So you want an Apple Watch?

Bob Pickering, President of Creative Tech Support, Inc.

Of course you do! You’ve been obsessing over this amazing life-changing device since September 9. You’re dreaming about slapping it on your wrist… at least when you’re not wide awake at 2 am reading the glowing reviews, watching the introduction videos and guided tours, analyzing the manufacturing process, kicking back with the The New Yorker interview with Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive as you jam to the music behind the slick Apple ads. (OK, maybe you’re not quite as obsessed as me.)

But you do want one. Well, there are several ways to make your purchase, depending on how bad you want it.

  • You’re truly, madly, deeply in love. You know if you see someone wearing a Watch and your arm is bare, you’ll either cry or break a couple of the Ten Commandments. Well, you should have ordered Friday April 10 at 12:01 am PDT. The first production run sold out in less than 10 minutes. But you can still check out the watch line, size and band, then place your order from the Apple Store site. Or get the Apple Store app on your iPhone and order there. Don’t worry, if you’re not satisfied with the size or band, you’ll likely be able to return it within 14 days for a refund. Just don’t expect to get another one for a while.
  • You’d like to try one on first.  Make an appointment for a demo at an Apple Store. Here’s what to expect when you get your 15 minute thrill ride. Don’t think you can just waltz into a Store and try one on, there are a few million others with the same idea. And note that your appointment is just a trial. You’ll then order online and your watch will be sent to you in a few months. If you’re having trouble coping, remember you’re “fortunate to live in a time, in a part of the world, where this is your pressing concern. Any day you don't have to worry about dying of cholera or getting shot at is a good one.”
  • You’re going to wait until the second edition. Really? No, REALLY? Why not jump in now? You can always give your first-gen watch to your significant other when the second model comes out. After all, these watches start at $349. That’s half the retail price of an iPhone, and nearly everyone gets a new iPhone at least every two years.
  • You’re not sure this whole smart watch thing is going to pan out. Clutch tightly to your flip phone, your VHS and your 8-tracks and we’ll be sure to visit you at Del Boca Vista.

Look what smartphones did to change the world. After a few years, we take for granted reaching anyone, anywhere. Video calls with our loved ones. Mobile payments. Selfies & photo bombs. Instagram. Facebook. An HD camera everywhere you go. These things go far beyond techie dreams, they change the social and political landscape. The Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, Ferguson, the party you weren’t invited to… nobody would have ever heard of them if it weren’t for social media, YouTube and smartphones.

What will the smart watch do to transform humanity? The fitness tracking features can help us live healthier lives. The gentle taps and quick Glances of the Apple Watch just might reduce the screen addiction and distractions brought on by the smartphone. But of course, the most profound uses are yet to imagined. Wouldn’t you want to be part of discovering the possibilities? 

I’ll leave you with one reviewer’s take:

It is rare in this industry to get to experience the beginning of something new, something for which you have no frame of reference. While not a stand-alone computer (yet), I'm convinced the Apple Watch represents something completely new. It is a unique way to interact in a digital world. I say this having used nearly every smartwatch to hit the market over the last few years. None of them felt like a mass market product but more for a tech enthusiast or early adopter. The Apple Watch is easily the first smartwatch I've used that was designed for the average consumer.

– Ben Bajarin, Techpinions.

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