Google Drive iPhone & iPad setup

Google Drive is an easy way to share files between your computer, iPhone and iPad. You may want to set up Google Drive on your Mac or PC first and learn Google Drive basics first.

Installing and signing into Google Drive

Google Drive works great on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  1. Tap App Store and download Google Drive. It’s a free app.
  2. Tap the Google Drive app.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to sign into Google Drive with your Google account (email address) and password.

Accessing files in your Google Drive

  1. Tap the Google Drive app and sign in. The current account is in the lower-left - you can switch accounts here.
  2. Select groups such as My Drive, Shared and others on the left. The contents are shown on the right.
  3. Tap the star icon to make an item easier to locate – it’s added to the Starred section.
  4. Search the contents of your Google Drive.
  5. Add items with the + button. You can upload photos & videos, use the camera, create a new folder or a Google word processing document.
  6. Don’t see an item you recently added to Google Drive? Tap the refresh icon.
  7. Tap a file or folder to see the contents.
  8. See details by tapping the arrow to the right of an item. You can see a thumbnail, make it available when you're not connected to the internet and share it with others.

Working with files & folders

  • When a document is on the screen, click the Open In icon in the upper right corner and choose an app to work with the file. The choices depend on the type of file and apps available on your device. Note: changes you make may not be synced with Google Drive unless the app supports it.
  • When showing details for an item, tap the action icon to share, rename, move or delete (remove) the item.


Certain apps are Google Drive-enabled, allowing you to open and save files directly with Google Drive and sync with your computer. It’s even possible to use Pages, Numbers & Keynote with Google Drive.

Collaborate on projects? Share items in your with colleagues. For further assistance check out Google Drive help.

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