User services

We’ll make onboarding new staff a breeze, and staff separations clean and secure. We also offer documentation and training for Macs, iPhones & iPads, as well as major cloud systems and common apps.

What’s included Why it matters
User onboarding. We’ll configure user accounts, including Mac login, email, Microsoft, Adobe & more. We’ll provision app licenses and grant appropriate access to data in cloud storage. New hires will be added to the right workgroups with access to data needed for their job, and set up properly on their Macs & devices. They can focus on their job, not their equipment.
User offboarding. When a user leaves we’ll block access to their computer & organizational assets immediately. And we’ll archive their data so nothing is at risk or lost in the transition. Good staff separations avoid confusion when an employee hands over the reigns to someone else. Bad separations can lead to destruction. We make sure this doesn't happen.
Documentation. We’ll write custom documentation for your organization’s particular needs and processes, then make them available to your entire team. Team members benefit from clear instructions everyone can follow. This avoids confusion, speculation and differing workflows that reduce productivity.
Training. We offer training in every aspect of macOS, as well as iPhone & iPad, cloud systems and common apps. We’ll provide training through video conferencing & screen sharing. Whether one-to-one or in a group, users appreciate someone who listens to their questions and suggestions, and offers clear guidance on best practices to avoid pitfalls.

We offer documentation & training for $9/month per user. Individual services are also available.

Cloud services

In today’s hybrid & work-from-home environment, online storage has largely replaced on-premise servers. Managing access to that data – and keeping it secure – can be daunting. We support many cloud systems and assist both small teams and larger organizations with terabytes of online data. We can also track access logs and alert you if sensitive files are being shared with outsiders.

What’s included Why it matters
Apple Business & iCloud. Apple’s core system tracks your Apple equipment and ties them permanently to your organization. It also creates managed Apple IDs & iCloud for employees. With ABM, you maintain control of all your Apple equipment & user data. If a Mac is lost it can’t be hacked or reused. If an employee leaves the organization they can’t steal data.
Microsoft 365 & SharePoint. We’ll handle Microsoft accounts, Office & other licenses. We also manage Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams so users can access what they need. Provisioning licenses appropriately saves money. And if you also use Microsoft’s cloud for email, calendars or file storage, you need a comprehensive approach to keep it all safe & secure.
Google Workspace & Drive. We’ll keep tabs on user accounts, workgroups, email & calendars, shared Google Drives, Docs & Sheets. We can also recover files & old versions. Who can access files, and who are they sharing them with? Our alerts & audits keep you in the know. We can also manage Chrome profiles, extensions & settings across your organization.
Adobe Creative & Document Cloud. Beyond Photoshop, Illustrator & Acrobat licenses, it’s also a platform your entire creative team & stakeholders can utilize for proofing & approval. Sharing libraries of fonts, logos, style sheets & colors makes creative production consistent & easy. And using shareable links instead of email attachments is more efficient for proofing.
Dropbox for Teams. We’ll handle Dropbox accounts, Shared and Teams folders. And manage access by user & folder so you’ll know who can see files and why. Dropbox makes it very easy to share files with team members and outside users. Careful oversight is required to restrict dangerous sharing practices and protect data.
Single Sign-On (SSO). With Single Sign-On, users need just one password to sign into their Mac, email, apps, cloud storage & many other accounts, even across different vendors. Managing access to computers & data is much easier when you control it with one master identity system. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enhances security as well.

We can manage all the cloud systems above for $15/month per user. Individual services are also available.

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