Google Calendar

Use a web browser to work with your calendars from any computer in the world.

Viewing calendars

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Calendar app.
  3. Go to the month or day by clicking the arrows.
  4. Choose view options (day, week, month, etc) above the calendar.
  5. Change notifications and default alarms by with the gear icon at the top of the window.
  6. Show & hide calendars by checking or unchecking the calendar in the sidebar.
  7. My calendars include your own calendars and others you can edit.
  8. Other calendars are for coworkers, holidays, etc. You can see them but cannot change anything.
  9. Change options (such as color) by pointing to a calendar and clicking the dots that appears to the right. Or point and click the x to remove it from the list.
  10. Click Create to make a new event.
  11. Or click the calendar at the event start time, then drag to end time to block out time. Click Edit event for more details (see next section).

Creating events & invitations

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Calendar app. Then click Create at the top of the sidebar. Or click an existing event.
  3. Type an event name and choose a date and time.
  4. Add guests by name or email address. They will be notified of the event and have a change to accept or decline. 
  5. Enter a room or location. Choose from the list of rooms as defined by your organization. This is more reliable than inviting the room as a guest. You’ll see the room capacity and be notified if it’s unavailable. Locations can be businesses or addresses – this can help you and guests find it on a map.
  6. Type a description with notes about the event. You can even include a link to a webpage.
  7. Choose a calendar only if you don’t want it on your main calendar. It’s best to put things on your own calendar and invite others rather than choosing a conference room or another person’s calendar here.
  8. Click More Options for notifications, and repeating events. Not sure when people or resources are available? Click Find a Time and Google will compare calendars and suggest times when everyone (including a room) are available.
  9. Click Save or click the x to discard & delete the event.

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