Adding & sharing Google Calendars

Adding calendars

Every Google account has a main (primary) calendar. You may create additional (secondary) calendars for special purposes or join an existing calendar. Each calendar can have its own color.

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Calendar app.
  3. Add a calendar – scroll down on the left sidebar and click the + next to Other calendars.
    • Subscribe to calendar and type a coworker’s name or email address.
    • Create new calendar for home (personal) events or a special project. These calendars are private unless you choose to share them.
    • Browse resources to see conference room & other calendars. Note you don’t need to add calendars to schedule meetings in them – simply create a meeting on your own calendar and choose the room. It will let you know if it’s available.
    • Browse calendars of interest and choose a category, such as sports or holidays.
    • If someone gave you a calendar address, choose From URL and paste the address.
    • Or import an .ics file from another calendar app and add the events to one of your calendars.
  4. Calendars you can edit appear under My calendars.
  5. Calendars you can’t change (holiday, sports, coworker and other calendars) are under Other calendars.

Sharing calendars

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Calendar app and point to the calendar you want to share. Click the dots that appear to the right and choose Settings and sharing.
  3. To share with the world, check Make available to public. 
  4. To share with others at your company, check Make available to [company].  You may allow users to see all event details or only that you’re free or busy at particular times. They will not be able to make changes.
  5. To share with specific people, click Add people and type a name or email address. You can share with an entire group of people by typing the group name if the administrator has set this up.
  6. Set Permissions for each person. You may allow people to See only free/busy, See all event details, Make changes to events or Make changes and manage sharing.
  7. Stop sharing with a person by clicking the x next to their name.

Corporate Google systems allow easily sharing your calendars with everyone in your company’s domain. Your main (primary) calendar may be automatically shared – staff just need to add it. You can also share additional (secondary) calendars but you’ll need to give people the calendar URL addresses. Calendars shared this way are read-only. To allow people to make changes to your calendar, share with specific people instead.

Have a second Google account?

You can share your calendars between two Google accounts, such as work and personal. 

  1. Sign into Google and switch to the Calendar app at the top of the page.
  2. Follow the steps above to share your calendars with a specific person.
  3. Type your second Google address and select the option to Make changes to events.
  4. When you log into the second Google account you’ll find the calendars listed under My calendars.

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