Accessing Google Docs

We’ll use Google Docs as an example here. Google Sheets & Google Slides work the same.

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account. You may not see work documents if you’re signed into a personal Gmail account.
  2. Switch to the Docs, Sheets or Slides app. Or use Google Drive to browse your files and open one from there.
  3. Click the main menu to switch between Google Docs, Google Sheets & Google Slides.
  4. Recent documents are listed below. Click a file to open it.
  5. Search for files with the search box.
  6. Display files in a list or grid and sort them.
  7. Click the folder icon to open the file picker and access other files. (shown below). You’ll only see docs that the current app can open. For example, Google Sheets will show spreadsheets but not word processing files. To view all files of every type, use Google Drive.
  8. See folders and compatible files, or click Upload and drag a compatible document from your desktop to the window. This creates a converted copy – the original is untouched. If you’re using Google Docs, you can import a Word or text file. For Sheets, import Excel files. For Slides, try a PowerPoint file.
  9. Click the + button to create a new document.

Find out how to edit documents and share docs with others. See all the files in your Google Drive.

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