Google Mail

You can use a web browser to work with your email from any computer in the world.

Reading & organizing messages

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Mail app.
  3. Click Inbox on the left sidebar to see messages.
  4. Click Sent Mail to see messages you’ve sent.
  5. Folders & labels help you categorize messages. All Mail shows every message you’ve received or sent, including all messages you’ve archived. Don’t see this? Click More to see other labels.
  6. Send instant messages to online buddies in the Chat section.
  7. Searching for messages is easy. Type in the search box and press return.
  8. Your inbox is organized into sections. Primary shows normal messages. Social includes Facebook & Google+. Promotions contains possible junk mail.
  9. Use the back & next buttons at the top right to see more messages.
  10. Click a message to read it, or check the boxes on the left and then an action from the toolbar above.
  11. Select all messages in the current view or mailbox folder with the button above the list.
  12. Choose an action to perform on selected messages. Archive a message to remove it from the inbox and save it for later. Report Spam to reduce junk mail. Trash moves messages to the trash where they are deleted after 30 days.
  13. File messages in folders or apply tags. A message can have more than one label so it can show in more than one folder.
  14. Change mail settings under the gear menu.

Sending messages

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Mail app.
  3. Click Compose to create a blank email message.
  4. Or select an existing message and click the arrow to forward or reply.
  5. Click To and type a name or email address. Type a comma between each person. Google auto-completes addresses you've used before.
  6. Click Cc or Bcc to send to a group of people. Bcc keeps their names and addresses confidential.
  7. Type a subject for the email message.
  8. Type the body of your message. If you're viewing an incoming message, click Reply or Forward and your response appears directly under the original message.
  9. Click the format options to change fonts, sizes, create auto-numbered lists and more.
  10. To attach a file click the paper clip and select a document up to 25 MB. The recipient's email system may have lower limits. If your message bounces back to you, reduce the size of the attachment.
  11. Or send a file from your Google Drive. You can send files up to 10 GB. The recipient clicks the link to download the file.
  12. To check spelling click the arrow in the lower-right.
  13. Click Send when you've finished your message.
  14. Change view or click the x in the upper right corner to save without sending. The message is filed in the Drafts folder.

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