Sharing videos with YouTube

It’s easy to get a YouTube account. In fact, you might already have one. YouTube is a Google service so if you have a Gmail account or your workgroup uses Google Apps just sign in with that account.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Or sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account. Switch to YouTube by clicking the apps icon, then More and YouTube.
  3. Click the control menu the the right Upload (looks like a gear) and choose Dashboard. Here you see information about your channel, including videos, stats and comments. If you don’t have a channel, create one.
  4. Click Video Manager under the control menu or the left sidebar to see all your videos.
  5. Click Edit to the right of a video to change options.
  6. Info & Settings tab lets you adjust category, title, description and tags. You can make the video private (no one else can see), unlisted (give the link to people to view) or public (so it can be searched and views by the world).
  7. Other tabs across the top help you set enhancements (light, contrast, slow motion, trim), audio, annotation, and captions.
  8. Click Save to apply your changes.
  9. Click the return arrow in the upper-right to go back to the video manager.
  10. On the Video Manager page, check boxes to the left of videos and select an option from the Actions list. For example, you can delete or change privacy on several videos at once.
  11. Click the video clip image to play the video.
  12. On the video’s page, click Share and choose an option. Share the video using social media, embed it in a web site (with HTML code) or email it to people you know.
  13. Want to share a video with people from your Mac? You can also use the standard mail app. Just open the video page in Safari, then click the File menu, choose Share and Email This Page. Now you can easily address it using names from Contacts or previous recipients, and customize the email however you like.
  14. Want to share all your videos on social media sites? Click the gear menu at the top of the page and choose YouTube settings. Now Connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts. When you upload or like a video on YouTube it can show in your Facebook timeline or send a tweet.

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