What is iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s sync service. Automatically sync your contacts, calendars, notes and reminders between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Windows computers. You can sync Safari bookmarks and Reading List, so when you’ve found a great article on your iPhone you can read it later on your Mac. iCloud Photo Library keeps all your photos & videos in sync betweeen your Mac, iPhone & iPad, and securely backed up to Apple’s servers. iCloud Keychain means when you enter a password on your Mac your iPhone will know it too.

iCloud also syncs documents with compatible apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and more. iCloud Drive is a great place to keep any files, and access them from any computer. You can save a lot of storage by offloading your Documents & Desktop folders to iCloud with Optimized Storage.

Get an optional email address @icloud.com to keep your inbox and sent items synced so you don’t have to delete messages from each device separately.

Find My Friends helps you keep tabs on the whereabouts of the other Apple users in your life. Access your Mac’s files and desktop from any other Mac through Back To My Mac. And if you lose it, Find My Mac will help you locate it on a map or remotely erase before someone steals your important data.

Each person should use a unique Apple ID and use it for iCloud, Messages & FaceTime features on all their personal Apple devices. After all, you want your own devices to sync with each other. Do not share your iCloud/Apple ID with others or you’ll mix up contacts, alerts, messages and FaceTime calls. And they could have access to everything mentioned above, including personal photos and passwords.

Learn more about iCloud, configure iCloud on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or Windows computer. Access your contacts, calendars, reminders, notes & iCloud email on the web. Use iCloud for all your music, photos & videos. Manage iCloud storage & backups. Learn more about Apple IDs.

Note: Google Sync and Exchange can also sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes & reminders. If you're already using one of these systems simply turn off those particular iCloud functions but leave the others checked.

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