Setting up shared calendars

Users’ main calendars are automatically shared with everyone on the domain, but individuals need to search to add calendars to the list. If you explicitly share a calendar with another user, it is automatically added their calendar list and you have the option to allow them to make changes to the calendar. See instructions for sharing calendars. Log in as the user and share calendars with specific people.

Creating company-wide calendars

Some calendars don’t belong to a particular user. They are for the entire company, workgroup, conference room or projects. If created under a particular user’s account, you may lose these calendars if the user is later deleted. It’s better to create all these calendars within a single admin account. For conference rooms and shared resources, check the box to Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict in the calendar settings page.  See instructions for sharing calendars.

Changing master calendar sharing for the domain

Can’t share calendars with people outside the domain? Or allow people to make changes? An administrator may need to change the master settings to allow calendar sharing with others.

  1. Sign into Google Apps admin at
  2. On the main dashboard click Google Apps.
  3. Click Calendar and Sharing settings. Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars. Within the domain, Share all information. Click Save changes.
  4. Click General. Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars. Click Save changes.

Note: This affects only new calendars created after changing the settings. For existing calendars, export the calendar events, delete the old calendar, create a new calendar, import events and set up sharing again.

Learn more about Google Workspace administration.

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