Google Mac Calendar setup

The Mac Calendar app can access calendars stored on Google Calendar. With this combination you can use Calendar’s great interface on your own computer while also accessing calendars from anywhere with the web. You can also share calendars between computers and users and other devices (iPhone, iPad, Android devices). No need to sync with a cable.

NOTE: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who don't share calendars with non-Apple users might prefer to use Apple's iCloud calendars instead of Google. But when your company or workgroup relies on Google calendar, sync calendars with Google and other items with iCloud.

First, add the Google account to the Mac’s Internet Accounts.

Setting Google as the default calendar 

Set the default calendar to the main Google calendar for accepted invitations to post back to Google calendar.

  1. Open Calendar.
  2. Click the Calendar menu and choose Preferences.
  3. Click General and set the default calendar to the primary Google calendar.

Need to sync other Google calendars?

By default, only your main Google Calendar shows in the Calendar app. Here’s how to show other calendars.

While you're editing calendar preferences, we suggest a couple other settings. Click the General button and Show time in month view. Then click the Advanced button and turn on time zone support.

Moving local calendars to Google

Calendars under On My Mac (at the top of Calendar's list) are local calendars. These calendars are not saved on a server, cannot be shared with others, and can't be synced with iPhones or iPads. Consider exporting events to a file, then importing into a shared calendar for sync.

  1. Open the Calendar app.
  2. Select a calendar and choose File-Export.
  3. Choose Export… and save the .ics file on the desktop.
  4. Type Command-Delete and confirm you want to remove the calendar from the Mac Calendar app.
  5. Follow the steps to import a calendar to Google Calendar. Use the .ics file you saved on the desktop.
  6. Now you’ll need to tell Google to show other calendars.

About calendar sync

Calendar changes sync every 15 minutes between the Mac Calendar and Google Calendar (and other devices). If you make changes to Calendar and want them reflected on Google immediately, click the View menu and Refresh Calendars. You might do this before turning the computer off so the latest information is available online and on devices synced with Google.

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