Why choose CTS?

What makes Creative Tech Support different? It starts with a different philosophy. It’s not just about computers… it’s about people. 

Sometimes computer techs think they are pretty smart, and they’re happy to show it. Sometimes it even feels like you and your tech are adversaries. So things are different with Creative Tech Support. We believe in building a partnership with our clients, empowering them.

Apple expertise. Another difference is that while there are plenty of Windows techs, very few are real Apple experts. Creative Tech Support founder Bob Pickering began his Apple passion with the first Mac in 1984 and started Creative Tech Support ten years later.

We know what works best with Apple and that’s where we start. Then we choose apps, hardware & services designed for the platform. The result is a perfect fit – not a kludgy work-around. And since we don’t sell hardware or software you can trust our advice is unbiased. We are not officially affiliated, related or licensed by Apple – we give independent advice to small businesses on the best way to spend their limited budgets, with an eye toward how investments affect the bottom line. We’ll even do price checks and help you get the best deal.

Our clients include professionals, graphic designers, photographers, TV producers and corporations. References are available upon request.

We support Mac computers, iPhone & iPad. And we support major cloud platforms, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and iCloud.

Managing a large number of Macs can be a challenge. We make it easy. When a new person joins the team, we’ll make sure their Apple, Microsoft & Adobe accounts are provisioned, their Mac is configured, and everything ready to start on day-one. We can install updates and configurations across a fleet of computers & devices through the internet. And when staff transitions occur, we’ll lock down devices, blocking access and removing data… all automatically.

We provide written quotes, document every service we perform and explain what we have done and why. We’ll check to see how things are working after our service. When you need a computer set up, an app installed, or email configured, we state a price up front. No surprises. No running up the clock. No matter what it takes.

Contact Creative Tech Support today. We’ll set up a one-hour complimentary meeting to discuss how we can help you get the most from your Apple technology.

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