Security services

Whether you just need antivirus & backups, or require specific regulatory security compliance, we’ve got you covered. We have experience assisting clients who achieved industry standards, such as NIST, SOC2 and HIPPA certification.

What’s included Why it matters
Antivirus & malware. Think Macs don’t get viruses? Think again. They may not be as severe as Windows but malware is increasing on Macs, redirecting websites and confusing users. Viruses & malware expose your Macs and data to vulnerabilities. They could also infect Word & Excel files which pass easily between Macs & Windows.
Spam filtering. Is there anything more annoying? Filters built into Macs & email systems may not do enough to stop them. We can quarantine suspect emails before they ever reach users. Spam is more than just distracting. Many security breaches are actually caused by spam. We’ll block both incoming spam, and stop users from unknowingly forwarding them.
Security awareness training. Scammers are moving beyond viruses, they’re getting ever more sophisticated at tricking users into giving up login credentials & passwords. Inadvertently giving access to scammers is dangerous. We use systems that periodically test users susceptibility and report how they did. And teach users to spot fake emails & phishing.
Password management. Users often resort to easy-to-crack passwords, write them down, or log in a Word doc. These common tactics can put your entire organization at risk. Instead, protect hundreds of passwords with a master key. If access needs to be shared with others, do it without exposing actual passwords. Block all passwords when users leave.
Workstation backup. We’ll install software that continuously backs up laptop drives to secure online storage as users work. No matter where they are, no backup drive required. Avoid finding that an important file wasn’t stored on the cloud and only existed on a user’s computer… and now the laptop’s been lost, stolen or held for ransom.

We can provide all the security services above for $7.50/month per Mac, $7.50/month per user, plus vendor fees. Individual services are also available.

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