What’s new in macOS Catalina?

Apple releases major macOS upgrades annually, bringing hundreds of new features to your Mac. Apple’s tight integration between hardware, OS & apps means it’s vital to keep up-to-date. Upgrades are free, and most users upgrade quickly. You’ll need to have the latest macOS to use many new business & creative apps, as well as full compatibility with iPhone & iPad.

macOS Catalina 10.15 takes your privacy seriously, so from now on you’ll be asked if you want to show app notifications, download from a site, or allow apps to use functions. If something isn’t working, go to System Preferences – Security & Privacy. Click General and look for a button to Allow.

Also check the Privacy tab where you’ll see which apps have access to contacts, camera, location & more. Click Accessibility and check boxes for apps you need. See special instructions to authorize Google DriveDropboxParallelsTeamViewer & Backblaze.

Other Apple apps get new features. Share individual Notes or entire folders with others. Set Reminders for a person and see notifications on your Mac or iPhone when you text them. Screen Time makes the move from iPhone/iPad and also includes tighter parental controls.

With Sidecar your iPad becomes a second display for your Mac. And get creative with Apple Pencil in Mac apps. Check out the redesigned App Store, as more iPad apps transition to Mac now that Apple makes it easier for developers.

What can Catalina do for you?

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