What’s new in iOS

iOS is the software that runs the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There’s a new iOS every year, and each version brings many new features, apps and capabilities to the device you already own. Every new device comes with the latest iOS but it’s easy to update any iPhone 4S or later, as well as any iPad except the original. Just tap Settings, then General and Software Update. The updates are free and most Apple users upgrade within a few days.

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What’s new in iOS 9? It refines all Apple devices and makes the iPad a more capable business device. The News app brings stories from your favorite sites together into a single magazine without the clutter. Notes integrates with other apps & Mac, adding checklists, maps & photos. Wallet holds credit cards, store cards & rewards and secures it with Apple Pay. iPad adds Split View, Slide Over & Picture-in-Picture so you can access multiple apps at the same time. When you use a physical keyboard, command key shortcuts work on your device so you can use it more like a computer. Ask Siri “Show me pictures I took in California last December” and they appear in a flash. iOS 9 also adds many speed & security features and even an Android migration tool. Check out Apple’s iOS 9 page for more details.

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Here’s a timeline of changes over the years

  • iOS 5 (2011) added the modern notification system, iMessage, Reminders, Twitter & iCloud.
  • iOS 6 (2012) featured turn-by-turn directions & Flyover city maps. Siri got smarter with sports scores & dinner reservations, Facebook services and panorama photos were added.
  • iOS 7 (2013) brought the biggest changes with a new interface and Control Center. Photo collections that automatically sort your shots by place & time. Passwords can sync between all your devices and Macs. New Siri voices and functions – play voicemail, search Twitter, Wikipedia and more. Find My iPhone improvements to prevent unauthorized people from using your device.
  • iOS 8 (2014) added photo features like time-lapse & iCloud Photo Library. Family Sharing let you use the same iTunes content & apps on up to 5 Apple ID accounts, iCloud Drive for syncing documents and the Health app. Continuity so you can answer iPhone calls on your Mac & text non-Apple cell phones. iOS also opened the door to Apple Pay, HomeKit and the Apple Watch.
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