Specialty services

We offer many other services for your special needs. We can help you plan, order, track and ship Mac & peripherals. We’ll decommission old computers and prepare them for disposal. For complex organizations, a ticketing and change-management system can track issues & test new workflows, keeping everyone productive.

What’s included Why it matters
Apple Business purchase management. Don’t have an Apple Business account? We’ll set it up and configure systems, prepare proposals for your approval, and ship directly to users. When you order from Apple Business you earn discount pricing. And Macs are permanently linked to your organization so they can be tracked & controlled, even after reformatting.
Amazon purchase management. We’ll recommend the best displays, peripherals & other equipment that are proven to work well in the Mac environment. Amazon Business accounts make it easy to track orders & returns, even with several purchasers and multiple destinations. We do the legwork, you can simply review & approve the orders.
Equipment valuation & disposal. We’ll properly decommission Macs when they’ve finished their service and determine current market value, simplifying resale or donations. It’s no longer enough to simply delete data. We follow a complex process to archive data, wipe drives & remove activation lock so Macs are no longer tied to your organization.
Ticketing system. A website efficiently manages user requests & issues, in accord with predetermined response times. We’ll track them by user and product so you can avoid downtime. Tickets help you document incidents & responses, and delegate tasks to team members inside your organization where appropriate. Records are often required for security compliance.
Change management. We’ll document current processes and plan proposed changes in detail, including contingencies and safeguards to keep downtime to a minimum. It’s essential to determine the purpose, scope, timing, side effects and backout plan ahead of time. Keeping records helps you trace and resolve unintended side effects in the future.

We can provide all these special services for $15/month per Mac, plus vendor fees. Individual services are also available.

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