Software installation

Keeping everyone current has always been a challenge, even with so-called “automatic updates.”  And with many users working remotely it can seem impossible. Not anymore. We can manage software installations through the internet, often behind the scenes while users continue to work in other apps. That keeps everyone productive and secure.

What’s included Why it matters
macOS, iOS & iPadOS upgrades. Apple releases major upgrades each year, adding many new features to your Macs & devices, and bug fixes & security updates every few weeks. It’s critical to keep all Macs & devices up-to-date so they are less vulnerable to bugs & internet attacks. Even complex OS upgrades can be handled for everyone with little downtime.
Business apps. From Microsoft Office to Apple’s business apps, Adobe Acrobat, Slack & Zoom, we can install them all with minimal user interaction. We’ll also provision & track licenses. Asking users to install their own software may be asking for trouble. They may not know where to find it and could even load malware instead. Our system loads the right apps in minutes.
Creative software. We’ll handle Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects and more. Font management? We’ve got that covered too. Adobe’s automatic updates don’t handle annual major releases. And if just 1 user upgrades, other members of the team may not be able to read files. We’ll upgrade everyone simultaneously.
Specialty apps. If users need a special app they can browse from a custom library of pre-approved software and install with just a click. No admin password required. We’ll group users by department or job duties, then manage apps for each group at once. This means everyone has exactly what they need to be productive. Consistency you can count on.

We can install quarterly OS & app updates for $10/month per Mac, or $5/month per iPhone or iPad.

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