Why get help for your business?

Creative Tech Support offers a broad selection of IT services tailored specifically for the Apple platform, and the creative & professional people who use it. We also offer managed service plans & packages that make it easy and affordable, even for small businesses. 

Tracking & monitoring. We’ll track every aspect of your Macs, iPhones, iPads & Apple TVs, from serial numbers, software versions, peripherals and much more. This is more important than ever in today’s hybrid and work-from-home environment. And our systems alert you of potential problems, before they can affect productivity and your bottom line.

Configuration. When a new person joins the team, we’ll make sure their Apple, Microsoft & Adobe accounts are provisioned, their Mac & devices are configured, and everything ready to start on day-one. And when staff transitions occur, we’ll lock down devices, blocking access and removing data… all automatically through the internet.

Documentation & training. We offer training in every aspect of macOS, iPhone & iPad, as well as cloud systems and common apps through video conferencing & screen sharing. We’ll write custom documentation for your particular needs and processes. And our extensive website has hundreds of guides to macOS apps, email & calendar systems and more.

Software installation & updates. Today’s hybrid & work-from-home environment makes keeping up-to-date a challenge. We can manage software installations through the internet, often behind the scenes while users continue to work in other apps. That keeps everyone productive and secure.

Troubleshooting & mitigation. When you have an issue on your Macs & Apple devices, don’t leave it to a tech from the Windows world. We bring 30 years of Apple expertise to solve problems quickly, keeping your team productive.

Cloud management. Online storage has largely replaced on-premise servers. Managing access and keeping it secure can be daunting. We have years of experience with many cloud systems. and can make sure each user has access to what they need, while protecting sensitive data.

Security services. From antivirus, backups and password management, to specific regulatory security compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Specialty services. We can also help you plan, order, track and ship Macs & peripherals to users working remotely. We’ll decommission old computers and prepare them for disposal.

How much does it cost?

We offer packages that bundle related services starting at $15/month per Mac and $5/month per iPhone or iPad. Whether each needs a little service or a lot, you’re covered and won’t be billed separately for these services. You’ll know what your costs will be up-front. This makes budgeting easier.

Because we don’t sell hardware or software, you can trust our advice is unbiased. We are not officially affiliated, related or licensed by Apple – we give independent advice to small businesses on the best way to spend their limited budgets, with an eye toward how investments affect the bottom line. Our goal is the same as yours: keeping people productive.

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