Why upgrade your macOS?

Keep your Macs up-to-date with the latest macOS. While many Windows apps remain compatible with older Windows & PCs, nearly all Mac software requires a recent OS and hardware.

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Apple releases a new version of macOS every year and upgrades are free. Most popular Apple apps & services, as well as thousands of apps sold in the App Store, require a recent macOS. Two-thirds of the world’s Macs are running either the current version or the one from a year before, and over 80% have software less than 3 years old.

macOS upgrades are simple enough a single user can upgrade themselves. But when you have a team of Macs, you may find many users don’t keep up. And there may be unintended consequences when they haven’t updated their apps first, and now they won’t work.

Skip the download… and the downtime. Call Creative Tech Support first. We’ll make sure your Macs and software are compatible. We’ll update everyone to the latest macOS, even for a large group of Macs spread across town… or around the country.

Learn more about the latest macOS.

Upgrade for just $140 per computer

We’ll install the latest macOS with updates and our set of essential apps and utilities. We’ll install updated print drivers and connect servers. Finally we’ll transfer 50 GB of files from your old Mac.

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