Why upgrade your macOS?

Keep your Macs up-to-date with the latest macOS. While many Windows apps remain compatible with older Windows & PCs, nearly all Mac software requires a recent OS and hardware.

Apple releases a new version of macOS every year and upgrades are free. Most popular Apple apps & services, as well as thousands of apps sold in the App Store, require a recent macOS. Two-thirds of the world’s Macs are running either the current version or the one from a year before, and over 80% have software less than 3 years old.

The Windows platform is much more fragmented. A year after its release, and after an aggressive push from Microsoft, Windows 10 was running on 25% of Windows PCs. Just 11% of PCs are even running Windows 8 (2012). With over 50% of the install base, the most popular version is Windows 7 (2009). Only 3% of Macs have software that old. Amazingly, about 10% of Windows PCs are still running Windows XP, even though Microsoft no longer provides security updates. It’s just one reason viruses run rampant in Windows, and are rarely an issue in the Mac world.

macOS upgrades are provided free through the Mac App Store and are simple enough a single user can upgrade themselves. But at 4.75 GB per computer, upgrading a team of 10 Macs can take over 6 hours with no other internet traffic. Plus 60 minutes per Mac for installation.

Skip the download… and the downtime. Call Creative Tech Support first. We’ll make sure your Macs and software are compatible. We’ll come prepared with the latest macOS already downloaded… and ready to install on a group of Macs all at once.

Learn more about the latest macOS.

Upgrade for just $90 per computer

We’ll load the latest macOS with Apple’s creative & business software  – Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers & Keynote.
Then we’ll test the system, making sure everything works.

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