Creative apps for Mac

Macintosh has been the standard for creative professionals since its inception in 1984. That’s why you’ll find a host of excellent creative apps, and most of them are less than $50.

Every Mac comes with iMovie, GarageBand & Photos apps. Apple’s Pages app is a simple layout tool and it’s free with new Macs. Pixelmator includes the basic Photoshop features and reads & writes standard formats for just $15. iDraw is a good vector-drawing app for $25. PDFpen reads & edits PDF files for $60. Sandvox creates simple web sites with no coding for $80. Learn more about creative apps.

Of course, Adobe Creative Cloud is perfect for professionals. The old packages like Design Standard and Design & Web were replaced by Adobe Creative Cloud in 2013 and they keep getting better. The apps download and run from your computer, not from the web. You can still save projects on your drive, or to the web where you can share them with colleagues and clients. Users don’t need any Adobe software to view them and it’s much easier than emailing proofs.

With Creative Cloud you pay a monthly fee and you’re eligible for continuous Adobe upgrades throughout the year (you decide when to update). Creative Cloud spreads out the expense and eliminates the huge startup cost.

Need just a single app or a shorter commitment? It’s no more than $20 a month per app. So go ahead… hire a temporary designer to help with a project and pay for just a month of software on an extra Mac. Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud.

Not sure which licenses you own or how much it will cost to upgrade?
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