What’s new in macOS?

Apple releases major OS upgrades annually, bringing hundreds of new features to your Mac. Apple’s tight integration between hardware, OS & apps means it’s vital to keep up-to-date. Upgrades are free, and most users upgrade quickly. You’ll need to have the latest macOS to use many new business & creative apps, as well as full compatibility with iPhone & iPad.

macOS Sierra 10.12 takes the Mac to the next level. Siri finally comes to the Mac, and in a big way. Search the web and your files, adjust settings, create reminders & calendar events and more. Secure Apple Pay is available on many websites… just verify with your iPhone’s TouchID to complete your Mac’s transaction. Sierra can sync your entire desktop & documents folders between Macs, iPhone & iPad. Copy something on your Mac and paste it on your iPhone or iPad with Universal Clipboard. The Photos app now automatically finds related images & videos and presents beautiful slideshows called Memories. One of the most useful features is a new Storage window to help you identify why your drive is full and simple one-click ways to fix it. Enable Optimized Storage and Sierra can offload some of your seldom-used music, videos, pictures and other documents to iCloud. They still show in the Finder and apps, and the moment you select one, Sierra downloads and opens as if it were always there. Picture-in-Picture lets you watch a movie that floats above your other windows. (There goes productivity!) All apps now include Tabs like Safari so you can reduce window clutter. Sierra is filled with little refinements like these, and it’s a free upgrade for every Mac user.

Here’s a summary of what changed over the years

OS X Lion 10.7 (2011) brought multitouch gestures from Apple’s popular iPhone & iPad to the Mac and full-screen apps. The Mac App Store became the place to buy tens of thousands of programs for your Mac. And FaceTime arrived for communication with all iPhone, iPad & Mac users. 

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 (2012) took it further with the all-new Contacts, Calendar, Reminders & Notes apps to make organization easy. Whether you add a phone number on your Mac or have Siri make an appointment on your iPhone, iCloud keeps all your Macs and devices in sync. Dictation types what you speak and it works in every app.

OS X Mavericks 10.9 brought the iBooks store and Maps app to the Mac. Passwords sync with all your Macs, iPhone & iPad. Finder added browser-style tabs and Tags help you organize your documents by topic, project, etc. Apple improved memory and battery performance too.

OS X Yosemite 10.10 (2014) was a profound change to the Mac interface – a cleaner, simpler design like modern iPhone & iPad. A completely new Photos app to store, organize, edit & share pictures & videos. New Widgets – miniature apps – are at your fingertips in Notification Center. Receive and send messages to any mobile phone and answer phone calls on your Mac. Start a doc on your Mac and finish it on your iPad with Handoff, or use your laptop’s internet functions anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

OS X El Capitan 10.11 (2015) made the Mac faster & more stable. The Photos app gains editing extensions. Notes include web clips, photos, sketches & maps, and sync with iPhone & iPad. Search Spotlight with natural language queries. Pin tabs your favorite sites in Safari. Mail parses the message and offers to create an event on your calendar. Split View improves full-screen apps.

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