Paying Google Workspace fees

A Google Workspace free trial lasts 30 days. You’ll need to log in and pay your subscription fee before your time is up or all users are locked out and no email will be delivered.

Changing billing options

  1. Sign into Google Workspace admin at
  2. Click Billing. Don’t see this? Click More.
  3. To change credit cards or transaction history, click the control button (3 dots) across from Google Apps and Access billing account.

Reducing costs

  • Aliases. These free email addresses go to the same mailbox. For example, you could have mail addressed to and go to and you’d only pay for one account.
  • Distribution lists. Create an email address that delivers to several people. Perhaps would go to all board members. Again, you don’t pay extra for this type of address, and each person replies from their own account or
  • Combined domains. If the same person needs to receive email on different domains they may not need another account. For example, you could have and go to the same mailbox. This also simplifies management - all users will be listed together on the system and can freely move from one organization to another.
  • Master domain. If you choose to use combined domains we need to designate the "master" domain. That's the domain all users would use when they log into Gmail to check email on the web. For example, if is the master, John would log into his email at but he could send and receive emails at Setting up multiple domains can be tricky – contact us for help.

Learn more about Google Workspace administration.

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