Google Drive collaboration

Stop emailing large attachments! Google Drive makes it easy to collaborate on projects with colleagues. You can share hundreds of files – even large documents – with as many people as you like. They can also collaborate – if anyone changes a shared item it’s changed for everyone else. You may want to set up Google Drive on your Mac or PC first and learn Google Drive basics first.

Accepting an invitation

If someone invited you to their shared files follow these steps.

  1. Click the link in the email you received.
  2. Sign into your Google account (see below). If you have Gmail, Google Calendar or YouTube, you already have a Google account.
  3. If you don’t have a Google account, create an account for free.

Viewing items people have shared with you

  1. Sign into Google. Make sure you’re using the correct account.
  2. Switch to the Drive app.
  3. You may adjust the display to show column view and show or hide Info.
  4. Click Shared with Me on the left sidebar.
  5. To make files or folders easier to access, point to one and click the Add to My Drive icon (looks like a folder). Or just drag it to My Drive on the left sidebar. Do not place one shared folder within another.
  6. Click My Drive to see the contents of shared folders. Items in My Drive (including shared folders) will sync with the Google Drive folder on your Mac or PC where you have the Google Drive app installed.

To work with files & folders and share them, see Google Drive basics. Some documents can be edited online – learn about Google Docs.

There’s so much you can do with Google Drive.  Use the same computer frequently? Install the Google Drive app on your Mac or PC. It’s also an easy way to share files between your computer, iPhone and iPad. For further assistance check out Google Drive help.

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