Updating Mac software

Keeping your Mac software current is important. There are several ways to check for updates.

Your Mac notifies you when updates are available. A red badge on your App Store icon and in the Apple menu are other indications.

Most Mac software is found in the Mac App Store. Open the App Store and click Updates, then click Update next to each app or Update All. You might need to type the Apple ID password used at the time of purchase. Software is automatically downloaded and installed.

It’s easy to load apps on another Mac you use. Just open the App Store, click Purchases and install. The software downloads and installs at no additional charge.

Major software upgrades (like annual macOS X releases) may require searching for the new version in the App Store. Others are a paid upgrade. Learn more about App Store purchases.

Control how updates are installed. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu and click App Store. You can set your Mac to automatically check for updates and download them while you work. You might even choose to automatically download and install apps you purchase in the App Store on another Mac onto this computer as well.

Apps purchased outside the App Store work differently. Learn how to install Adobe updates. Some apps have an internal update system. Open the app and look in the Help or the application’s menu. Choose Check For Updates. Wait for it to check, then click Install.

Remote & managed updates. We can help you install updates on all your Macs at once. You won’t need to download for each Mac separately, visit computers individually, or interrupt users. We’ll track all software and make all your computers consistent and you’ll avoid internet traffic and downtime. Contact Creative Tech Support.

Learn more about buying & installing software.

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