Sharing Google Docs

Google Docs are easy to share with others. Instead of a static attachment, they open a live document. You can allow them to make changes or just suggestions. Multiple people can edit a document at the same time, so it’s perfect for collaborating. No need to connect to a server; no “read-only” or “file busy” errors. If someone makes edits while you’re viewing the doc, you’ll see the changes– almost in real time.

  1. Sign into Google and switch to the Docs app. Or go directly to or
  2. Make sure you’re using the correct account. You may not see work documents if you’re signed into a personal Gmail account.
  3. Click the main menu to return to the Docs home page where you can select a document to work on. Learn more.
  4. See revision history, including who has changed the document. You can revert back to an earlier version of a document.
  5. Email collaborators rather than emailing attachments. This lets you explain revisions and send a message with a link to the document. No matter when they click the link, the latest version of the doc appears with all the edits others have made.
  6. Document Mode is helpful for collaborating. The normal Editing mode lets you make changes directly. Suggesting allows you to make changes without them becoming permanent. Collaborators can accept or reject your changes. Viewing shows the final document with all edits in place. Some documents don’t allow full editing if the owner disabled it.
  7. Click Share to use Google Docs’ powerful collaboration features.
  8. Share with people by typing email addresses separated by commas. When sharing with others in your organization, use their actual names or work email addresses. You can share with an entire group of people by typing the group name if the administrator has set this up.
  9. Choose whether people can edit directly, make comments or just review it.
  10. Click Advanced to see and control exactly who has access to the document and what they can do.
  11. Click Get shareable link, then copy and paste into an email or web page if you want to distribute the document widely.
  12. When you’re finished, close the window or return to the Docs home page with the blue button (marked with 3).

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