Working with Google Docs

Google has simple, online apps that make it easy to create and share documents from most any web browser or computer in the world.

We’ll use the Google Docs word processing app as an example. Google Sheets (spreadsheets) and Google Slides (presentations) work the same way. If someone sends you a link to a doc, just click the link and skip to step 4.

  1. Sign into Google and switch to the Docs app. Or go directly to or
  2. Make sure you’re using the correct account. You may not see work documents if you’re signed into a personal Gmail account.
  3. Click the main menu to return to the Docs home page where you can select a document to work on. Learn more.
  4. The current document’s name appears at the top. Click to rename or click the folder to move the document to a folder.
  5. Other menus appear across the top. You’ll find formatting, tools & other commands here. Most use standard keyboard shortcuts like Word and other apps. We’ll focus on the File menu here.
  6. Download a copy of the document as a Word, text or PDF to use in other applications. (For collaborative features, share the Google Doc instead.)
  7. Printing a document is a little different. Google Docs prepares a PDF which is downloaded to your computer for viewing and printing. These temporary PDFs may accumulate in the downloads folder on your computer. You may remove them after printing.
  8. Document too small to read? Set the zoom to Fit and it fills the full width of your window without affecting the printed size.
  9. Formatting options include text styles and a limited number of common & online fonts.
  10. Click More to see alignment, list & indentation options.
  11. Changes are saved automatically as you work, and you can see confirmation at the top. When you’re finished, close the window or return to the Docs home page with the blue button (marked with 3).

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