Taking control of Apple IDs & iCloud

The Apple ecosystem revolves around Apple IDs. Each person should have one Apple ID and use it for all services on all their devices. An iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Watch) is intended to be used by one person and signed in with that user's Apple ID. And when several people use the same Mac, each should have their own user account, signed into their Apple ID for iCloud so that their data syncs with that account.

Unfortunately, sometimes reality falls short of the ideal. We find several people using the same Mac user account or iCloud account, getting the same contacts, calendars, photos, documents, texts and even FaceTime calls. We need to create separate accounts & Apple IDs for each user and move data to the right place. Or a user has several Apple IDs with different data stored under each, and devices and services are not syncing correctly on all their devices. Here, the user should settle on the Apple ID where they made the most purchases and move data from other accounts to one Apple ID.

Process overview

  1. Take an inventory of Mac user accounts, devices, Apple IDs & passwords. We’ll create a plan for using Apple IDs properly and set up the correct accounts on devices.
  2. Migrate mail, contacts, calendars, reminders & notes between accounts.
  3. Move documents & iCloud Drive between accounts.
  4. Download all photos from iCloud.
  5. Switch iCloud accounts on a Mac if necessary.

Deleting old data

If you’ve migrated data, you may want to keep the original data for a while to make sure the new setup is working smoothly. If the intention was to split some iCloud data out for another user, the original user may then delete data they don’t need.

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