Additional iCloud accounts

iCloud helps users keep data in sync among all the Apple devices they use. Usually a device will have just one iCloud account, added in the iCloud settings. But certain cases call for more than one iCloud account. Add these extra iCloud accounts in Internet Accounts on a Mac or Mail, Contacts & Calendars on iOS devices.

Why would you have more than one iCloud account? The obvious example is accessing several iCloud email accounts on the same device. But suppose a company needs to share a global address book or a family wants to share certain contacts while individuals maintain their own contacts as well. They might share contacts from another iCloud account.

Finally, it’s helpful to add additional iCloud accounts to transfer data between them. Perhaps several people were sharing an iCloud account and now need separate accounts. You can temporarily add multiple accounts, drag data to the right person, then remove the extra accounts.

Signing into the primary iCloud account

Follow the usual process to sign into the primary iCloud account in System Preferences. Click Apple ID or iCloud.

Adding additional iCloud accounts

The extra iCloud accounts are configured in System Preferences – Internet Accounts. You can sync Contacts, Calendars & Reminders. If the iCloud account has an associated email address, you can also work with Mail & Notes. It’s possible to migrate other data but it’s pretty technical. See instuctions or ask us for help.

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