Migrating data over a network

Follow these steps to transfer user files and other data from a Mac or Windows PC over a network. Both computers should be connected to a power outlet. Not sure if this is the right method for you? See Using Migration Assistant.

  1. Power up the destination (new) Mac.
  2. If the computer has never been used, click Transfer now and skip to step 5.
  3. Click the Launchpad and open Migration Assistant. Or click the Finder (desktop), then the Go menu at the top of the screen, choose Utilities and open Migration Assistant.
  4. Click Continue and type an administrator user name and password to quit all other apps and log out the current user.
  5. Select From a Mac, Time Machine backup or other disk and click continue.
  6. Connect both computers with Ethernet cables if possible. For best results, connect them directly to each other with a single cable. Or connect them to a switch/router or office network. Ethernet is often 6 times faster than wi-fi.
  7. Using wi-fi? Place both computers as close as possible to the wi-fi router (hot spot) and connect them to the same wi-fi network.
  8. If the source (old) computer is a Mac, click the Apple Menu and choose Software Update. Install all updates.
  9. If the source computer is a Windows PC, download and install Migration Assistant from Apple’s web site.
  10. On the source computer, open Migration Assistant. Select the option To a Mac and click Continue.
  11. On the destination Mac, select the source computer and click Continue. Source computer not shown? Click Quit on both computers, then restart the migration.
  12. Confirm the same security code appears on both computers. Click Continue on the source computer, then Continue on the destination Mac.
  13. Select the data to migrate and complete the transfer.
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