Essential Apple apps

Your Mac is loaded with the latest versions of important software you’ll want to use every day… for work and play. These are not just basic apps, they are best-in-class – designed to work with each other and the matching apps for iPhone & iPad. Together they are the heart of Apple’s famous hardware/software integration. And isn’t that the reason you got a Mac?

Click the links for a simple tutorial on each app.

Safari is the fastest web browser on the Mac and takes advantage of the latest web and Mac technology. Safari bookmarks, Reading List (temporary bookmarks) and web passwords sync with other Macs, iPhone and iPad. Downloaded files are saved to the Downloads folder on the dock. Learn more.

Mail works with nearly every email system, including iCloud, Gmail, Comcast & Exchange. View many accounts at once get alerts when there’s a new message. Search all your emails at once and attach files by dragging them to exactly the place you want them to appear in the text. Learn more.

Contacts stores phone numbers, street addresses, email, birthdays and notes. The Mail app taps into this list when you send and receive messages. Contacts sync between Macs, iPhone, iPad, Gmail, Facebook & LinkedIn. So when you ask your iPhone how to get to a client, Siri will find them in Contacts and guide you to their door. Learn more.

Calendar helps you track appointments. Make home, work and other calendars and set alarms. Invite people to events and track responses. Add an event on your iPhone or iPad and you’ll find it here on your Mac. Sync events through iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange & Facebook. Learn more.

Reminders is the to-do app. Create lists, assign priorities and tell Reminders when to alert you, such as whenever you arrive at work or the grocery store. Your reminders appear on your Mac, iPhone and iPad, all synced through iCloud. Learn more.

Notes is a great place to jot down a few quick words. Create as many pages as you need – your notes sync with other Macs and the Notes app on iPhone and iPad. Dictate a note to Siri on your iPhone and you’ll find it in Notes on your Mac. Learn more.

Messages is great for communicating with other Apple users. Messages pop up instantly (and simultaneously) on iPhone, iPad and Mac – you decide which device you'll use to answer. No text or usage charges. Learn more.

FaceTime lets you see and hear your friends and colleagues on Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. FaceTime uses full HD, and unlike Skype, you’re always signed in on all your device so you never miss a call. Learn more.

Maps makes it easy to look up any location in the world, get directions, read restaurant reviews and see satellite views. Many cities feature amazing 3-D Flyover views that put Google Earth to shame. Add a venue to your Contacts or send directions to your iPhone with just a click. Learn more.

iBooks brings all your Apple book purchases from iPad & iPhone to your Mac, including enhanced books that feature audio & video. Reference multiple books at once, copy citations to other apps and sync your highlights and notes with other Macs and Apple devices. Learn more.

iTunes is the best place to organize all your music, TV shows, movies, audio books and more. Millions of songs, thousands of movies & TV shows are just a click away. Over 100 billion songs and apps sold. Enjoy them immediately on all your computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Apple TV. Learn more.

iPhoto stores thousands of photos by event and date. The app taps into GPS and face-recognition to automatically organize by place and people. Share on Facebook, Flickr or iCloud Photo Streams. Editing photos is fun, and you can undo an adjustment at any time or revert to the camera original. Learn more.

iMovie catalogs and edits video clips, whether you shot them on an HD cam or your iPhone. Add titles, transitions between clips, sound & video effects and background music. Then upload your masterpiece to the web. Learn more.

GarageBand is a recording studio. Learn how to play an instrument, record your voice, edit audio clips and create audio presentations. Dozens of sampled instruments and multi-track recording help you create the perfect soundtrack. Learn more.

Pages is Apple's word processor. Pages includes paragraph and character styles, templates and instant access to iPhoto albums. With the matching app on your iPad or iPhone you can start a document on the Mac and finish it on the road. Reads and exports Word files. Learn more.

Numbers is the spreadsheet app. Numbers offers multiple resizable tables on a page, freeing you from the endless grid. Use Excel-style formulas and create beautiful 2D & 3D charts. Reads and exports Excel files and works with Numbers for iPhone & iPad. Learn more.

Keynote is the best presentation app on any platform with stunning themes, stylish transitions and powerful editing and slide-building tools. Beautiful 2D & 3D charts. Access all your iLife photos, movies & music from iPhoto, iMovie & iTunes. Take your show on the road with iPhone & iPad and present on Apple TV. Reads and exports PowerPoint files. Learn more.

The App Store has over 15 thousand apps. Search apps by title or category. See screen shots of an app and read reviews. When you’re ready to buy, click the price and type your Apple ID password. The app downloads and installs automatically and you can install apps on all the other Macs you use at no extra charge. And all your apps are kept up-to-date automatically. Learn more.

iCloud ties it all together. It’s not an app, it's an Apple technology that syncs your contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, bookmarks, documents, photos and passwords between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. Change one of these things in one place and it's updated everywhere within seconds. Learn more.

Missing Reminders, Notes, Messages, FaceTime, Maps or iBooks? Get your free upgrade to OS X. Don’t have Pages, Numbers or Keynote? Make sure you’re on the latest OS X, then purchase them in the App Store.

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