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Apple’s distinctive clean design goes beyond hardware. Apple has attracted a following of loyal users, to be sure… and loyal developers that program exclusively for the Mac and iOS platform.

Nearly all apps made for Mac are sold in the Mac App Store. Download and installation are just a click with no serial numbers to track. And as a little incentive to try something new, these apps are priced much less than big-name software. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud costs $50 a month. But the apps below have no recurring fees. And Mac App Store rules allow you to install them on all the Macs and devices you use at no extra charge.

There are still times when a professional-level app is the only option for your workflow. But for general use, you can save hundreds of dollars with these apps made especially for Mac. Click the links below for information & purchase. Video tutorials are available for some apps to help you get started. Each tutorial contains about 2 hours of short 5-minute videos.

Final Cut Pro is one of the world’s leading professional video editing apps, used by Hollywood movie editors. Now much easier & less expensive than before. $300. Video tutorial.

Pixelmator Pro is a great image editing app, reads & writes Photoshop files. Familiar  tools & keyboard shortcuts, layers & effects. Supports iCloud & the Photos app. $15. Video tutorial.

Autodesk Graphic is a vector-drawing app that reads Illustrator files. iDraw handles layers, shadows, gradients and effects Supports iCloud and matching iOS app. $25.

Sandvox is a simple web creation tool with over 60 templates. Just drag & drop text & photos, no coding required. $80.

Fission is a simple audio editing tool, great for cleaning up voice recordings and creating iPhone ringtones. $32.

MacPhun Photos Extensions include Snapheal retouching, Intensify color effects Tonality for black & white effects,  Noiseless to improve sharpness. Each is sold for about $15.

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